Try out the open Nova server at
Two or more people addressing the same SIP URI of the form (anyname) get connected in HD. No registration required.

FWD's Nova Voice Quality Trial

Very high voice quality makes setting up a Nova the best alternative when meeting in-person is not practical. The Nova is not meant to replicate a telephone call. A Nova seeks to deliver the experience of presence associated with being there in-person.

The Nova bundles open standards based high definition (G.722) capable IP phones, SIP registration, and HD SIP conferencing.

The Nova favors quality (HD connections setup between people with strong ties on a case by case basis) over the quantity value proposition of a telephone call (mediocre voice quality connection to any telephone on earth).

See the description of the Nova concept at Jeff Pulver's blog from December 21, 2009.

See additional motivation on the need for Nova calling here.

FWD's Nova trial assembles all the piece parts in one place and provides the support "hand holding" that makes getting started easy.

Anyone can set up a Nova without participating in FWD's Nova Voice Quality Trial. HD capable IP phones as well as the underlying G.722 SIP registration and conferencing functionality are available from multiple sources.

Participate in FWD's Nova Trial

1. Get an HD (G.722) and SIP based IP Phone. See the devices page.
2. Get broadband Internet access with at least 125kbs upstream and downstream capacity. For example, via
3. Pay the $100 USD participation fee for FWD's Nova Trial via the start button ->